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The Real News

News sources are invariably biased in what they report and how they report it. Some sources have more obvious slants (like Fox), some less (like BBC) — but all news has a slant. Some bias sneaks in from the reporter — after all, reporters are human — but what is more disconcerting is the profit-motivated bias.

The viewer/reader has a huge impact on what gets reported, after all, the more numerous the audience, the higher the profits of the media group. So you get news that is best suited for the “average” viewer/reader — dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. News that appeals to the basic human instincts like sex, scandals and gossip. Or news that would make the person feel good about themselves or the group they associate themselves with (like patriotism). News that finds someone else to blame. News that clearly delineates between “good” and “bad”.

Then of course the owners of the news source can provide a bias as a policy, and/or by hiring a sympathetic CEO/editor. Do you know what other industries the owner of the news you watch is involved in? (Like NBC universal, subsidiary of General Electric who’s also involved in arms manufacturing through their GE-Aviation subsidiary.)

And finally, the advertisers: they don’t like to put their ads within controversial subjects, or anywhere near a story that might make the readers/viewers be less receptive to their products. As in, it would be hard to sell caviar in an ad that follows a story of starving children.

So having a news source that is not supported by (and has no ties to) any company, nation or group would be much more in a position to report the REAL news. And now, here it is:

Watch their intro and spread the real news.

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