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Origins of money


The Cradle of Cash

When money arose in the ancient cities of Mesopotamia, it profoundly and permanently changed civilization.

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The secrets of birth order

Research shows family pecking order does shape destiny. (See also How Birth Order Affects Your Personality.)

From Time Magazine:

Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007

The Power of Birth Order

It could not have been easy being Elliott Roosevelt. If the alcohol wasn’t getting him, the morphine was. If it wasn’t the morphine, it was the struggle with depression. Then, of course, there were the constant comparisons with big brother Teddy. Continue reading

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Investing or on game shows, humans act irrationally

From the Investment Executive’s December 2007 edition:

Take a big risk, add a big reward and mix with optimism

Game-show contestants display the same, unfathomable behaviour as investment decision-makers

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