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Plough/hoe past influences attitudes towards women now

Interesting theory — deep-seated attitudes to women have roots in ancient agriculture.  From The Economist, July 23rd, 2011:

Economics focus: The plough and the now

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Sex hormones: For the birds

Aggressiveness (a measure of which is the ratio of lengths of the ring finger to index finger) is assumed to be dependent on the testosterone exposure in utero.   The study described in this article claims that instead it is dependent of the body’s response to fetal estrogen. So far, tha claim is based on birds only.  From The Economist, June 12, 2010:

Sex hormones: For the birds

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Urban brains behave differently from rural ones

Urban brains are more anxiety ridden than rural ones.  And your brain reacts differently whether you were brought up in an urban or in a rural setting.  From The Economist, June 25th, 2011:

Mental well-being: A New York state of mind

Urban brains behave differently from rural ones

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