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How to perform better at sports

Simple trick worth trying.  From The Globe and Mail, September 21, 2012:

Don’t clutch … clench. You’ll per­form so much bet­ter

The Globe and Mail Metro (Ontario Edition)
September 21, 2012

The next time you’re about to shoot a penalty kick with only sec­onds left on the clock, or need to smash a cross-court win­ner to fi­nally beat the ten­nis part­ner who al­ways bests you, con­sider this: Re­searchers may have dis­cov­ered a sim­ple way to help you avoid chok­ing un­der pres­sure.

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The rich think differently about money

“…The mid­dle class fo­cuses on sav­ing money, he says; the rich fo­cuses on how to earn it. The mid­dle class wor­ries about money; the rich dream about it. The mid­dle class has a “lot­tery men­tal­ity,” be­liev­ing their lives are in­flu­enced by luck or other ex­ter­nal forces; the rich has an “ac­tion men­tal­ity,” where they de­ter­mine their own fu­tures…”

From The Globe and Mail, September 21, 2012:

How the other half thinks

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