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Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World

Humans have a tendency to see patterns in everything, even when there is none (“patternicity”);  there is also the tendency to assume there is an agent causing actions (“agenticity”), explained in the article below.  I am thinking that the “agenticity” could be an extension of our “patternicity” — since we see the pattern of  cause-effect so often, when we do not see the cause, we make it up (the invisible agents).  What do you think?

From Scientific American Magazine –  May 19, 2009

Why People Believe Invisible Agents Control the World

A Skeptic’s take on souls, spirits, ghosts, gods, demons, angels, aliens and other invisible powers that be

By Michael Shermer

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Creationism is here to stay

Sadly… the Scientific American article explains:

Bering in Mind –  March 19, 2009

Creationism Feels Right, but That Doesn’t Make it So

Psychological researchers suggest that evolutionary thinking is unnatural

By Jesse Bering

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The creationists’ Ark

A few days ago I was reading Robert Cringely’s comment on the opening of the Creation Museum. The first reader response is by a fervent creationist who included a reference to “a global flood that destroyed and buried most land-dwelling creatures on the earth.”

Which got me thinking.

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