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Are you a born retirement saver?

Interesting argument for nature rather than nurture when it comes to saving for retirement. From MarketWatch, April 2, 2013:

Are you a born retirement saver?

Yes—if you exercise, eat healthy and read labels

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Invest in the best chief

If you are an investor, picking a company with a boss who’s been married twice seems to be the ideal.  From The Economist April 21st 2012 print edition:

Bosses behaving badly

Beware of single or oft-married bosses

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Women make better traders

Testosterone makes male traders more susceptible to “irrational exuberance”.  From the Sep. 24th, 2011 print edition of The Economist:

Traders’ brains: Rogue hormones

Bad trade? Blame the adrenal cortex

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Demographics affects stock/bond markets

According to the article below, stock and bond markets are affected by the demographics of the country. From Globe and Mail, May 19, 2011:

Markets and the lure of a demographic dividend

As the world ages, a new report suggests the place for investors to be in the decade ahead may well be Ireland, Spain or Greece

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Rational financial decision making

We don’t make rational decisions, and that’s especially bad for us when it comes to our financial health.  The article below, from Benefits Canada, explores this:

Keeping feelings out of financial decision-making

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The nature of wealth

Financial assets are  a claim on real wealth, not outright wealth.  From the October 8th 2009 edition of The Economist:


The nature of wealth

The world confused financial assets with real ones

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Why Smart People Often Do Stupid Things

Trying to explain the plentiful financial screw-ups that recently have come to light. From Benefits Canada:

Deconstructing “Stupidity”: Why Smart People Often Do Stupid Things

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Investing or on game shows, humans act irrationally

From the Investment Executive’s December 2007 edition:

Take a big risk, add a big reward and mix with optimism

Game-show contestants display the same, unfathomable behaviour as investment decision-makers

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Investor behaviour

Power of investors’ behaviour in influencing investment outcomes:

Part 1: Equilibrium-Based Investing

Part 2: Comprehending Risk

Part 3: Behaving Badly

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