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Draw it to remember it

Good trick to know.

Here’s the Memory Trick That Science Says Works — You draw it

Jeffrey Kluger | April 22, 2016

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The music in you

What struck me as interesting in this article by Ms. Margulis is how the human mind learns using statistical probabilities.  That, and how we learn to appreciate different tonal systems based on what we hear when we are young.  Worth reading.

The music in you

You might not be a virtuoso, but you have remarkable music abilities. You just don’t know about them yet

by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis | aeon magazine | Jan 8, 2015

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Good teachers worth their weight in gold

Everyone knows what a difference a good teacher can make; this article shows that some of this difference can be measured by the increased income of the student.  From The Economist, Oct 12th 2013 :

Knowledge for earnings’ sake

Good teachers have a surprisingly big impact on their pupils’ future income

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Want to learn quicker? Use your body

Good to know.

Want to learn quicker? Use your body

By Colin Barras |21 March 2014 | BBC Future

Waving your arms, wriggling your fingers and striding around a room can help you learn faster, says Colin Barras. How does it work?

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Get it wrong, learn faster

It seems that failing is good — you remember better if you get it wrong on the first place.  Great tip for studying.

From Scientific American, October 20, 2009:

Getting It Wrong: Surprising Tips on How to Learn

New research makes the case for hard tests, and suggests an unusual technique that anyone can use to learn

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