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How the Eyes Betray Your Thoughts

One more way we can be exploited to purchase stuff we don’t want.

How the Eyes Betray Your Thoughts

By Mo Costandi | 22 May 2015 | BBC Future

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Mind control or market research?

How companies in the future are going to make sure we buy their crap — neuromarketing.  It has already started.    From the Globe and Mail’s Report On Business:

Brand surgery

As long as anyone can remember, marketers have been dying to get inside our heads. What if they really could?

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Which site do you spill your secrets to?

Which site do you spill your secrets to? Apparently, the ones that look less trustworthy.  Go figure.  But you buy more from trustworthy-looking sites.

From Technology Review, Friday, September 03, 2010:

How Websites Make You Spill Your Secrets

People divulge more sensitive information on sites that look less safe.
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Sound buy

One more way companies will attempt to trap you into buying their products: sound. Welcome to neuromarketing.

From Time magazine, Mar. 01, 2010:

Neural Advertising: The Sounds We Can’t Resist

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