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Five Ways to Lie with Charts

Nice tips to be aware of.

Five Ways to Lie with Charts

Want to spin your data? Here’s how.

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Exposing deceptive CEOs

If he avoids the word “I”, hesitates less and swears more, that CEO may be lying.  This and more essential tips for the shareholder from The Economist, August 21, 2010:

How to tell when your boss is lying

It’s not just that his lips are moving

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We all lie…

Great article about lying and its consequences.  Useful suggestion (aside from the obvious “don’t lie”): rather than assume people are telling the truth, maintain “an awareness that everything you are told could be a lie,” and then ferret out what you care about.

From The Globe & Mail, August 6, 2009:

Liar, liar

‘Oh yeah, you’re the best I’ve ever had’

It’s true: We lie every day, and at an alarming rate. Experts say even small fibs are more toxic than we realize

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Can you detect lying?

Bottom line: not reliably.  But you can increase your chances of catching someone lying if you give them a task to do at the same time…

Two articles from Scientific American:

Scientific American Mind –  August 3, 2009

The Load of Lying: Testing for Truth

Giving suspects an extra task helps to separate the liars from the truth-tellers

By Marina Krakovsky

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Don’t get duped

Scientific American Mind – January 31, 2008

Getting Duped: How the Media Messes with Your Mind

Statements made in the media can surreptitiously plant distortions in the minds of millions. Learning to recognize two commonly used fallacies can help you separate fact from fiction

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