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Is Consciousness Fractal?

What I found fascinating is how fractal nature is and how we perceive and react to it.

Is Consciousness Fractal?

Our subconscious love for fractals may tell an evolutionary story.

By Jordana Cepelewicz | May 4, 2017 | Nautilus

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The scientists who make apps addictive

A must-read.

The scientists who make apps addictive

Ian Leslie | October/November 2016 | The Economist 1843

Tech companies use the insights of behaviour design to keep us returning to their products. But some of the psychologists who developed the science of persuasion are worried about how it is being used

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Marketing: the idea factory

The company IDEO popularized human-centered design thinking.  Way to create a better product, way to sell more of a product or both? From The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business, April 25, 2008:

The Idea Factory

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