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For Cocaine Addicts, Treatment with Magnets May Stop Craving

Interesting potential new treatment based on the finding that “…In addicts, areas of the prefrontal cortex that would normally be alight with activity often go dark in the absence of the drug…”

Wonder if it works for chocolate cravings. 😉

For Cocaine Addicts, Treatment with Magnets May Stop Craving

Can magnetic stimulation of the brain shake drug users out of their habits?

By Adam Piore | December 3, 2015 | MIT Technology Review

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Clinical trials skewing medical science

Scary. Read the original article to see the graphs and link to the clinical trial simulation game.

Clinical trials: Spilling the beans

Failure to publish the results of all clinical trials is skewing medical science

Jul 25th 2015 | The Economist

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Junk Food Like Drugs

“….brain pathways that make drugs pleasurable are the same pathways that allow you to enjoy food…”

No wonder it’s so easy to overeat and so hard to diet.  The article below, from Medhelp – Healthy Living, explores the similarities between food and drugs and the resulting potential addiction problems:

Your Brain on Junk Food

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Wonder Drugs That Can Kill

This article from Discover Magazine includes an eye-opening section on interpretation of clinical research studies and doctors’ understanding of it.

I am passing this article on to my doctor.

Wonder Drugs That Can Kill


Modern pharmaceutical “breakthroughs” sometimes do more harm than good.

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