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Shop without touching

It seems touching an object (or even imagining handling it) makes you feel more like you own it, which makes it harder for you to give it up.  Just one more way marketers can screw with your brain.  Remember that when you take a small child shopping.

From Time magazine, Apr. 03, 2009:

Want to Save Some Money? Shop Without Touching

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Mine, therefore worth more

If you own something, you place a higher value on it than before you acquired it. Irrational, but true — making an interesting bias in our decision makings.  The article below, from The Economist print edition  (Jun 19th 2008) explores this:

The endowment effect

It’s mine, I tell you

Mankind’s inner chimpanzee refuses to let go. This matters to everything from economics to law

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The curse of untidiness

The endowment effect: an object is worth more to you if you already own it. The article below explores its evolutionary roots and how it is being exploited in today’s markets.

From The Economist:

The curse of untidiness

DNA all over the place
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