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The Bugs in Our Mindware

A must read. (Read the original to get the benefit of the pictures.)

The Bugs in Our Mindware

Many obstacles lie on the path to rational thought.

Richard E. Nisbett | January 28, 2016 | Nautilus
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Stupidity: What makes people do dumb things

Quite an eye opener… excellent article from New Scientist:

Stupidity: What makes people do dumb things

Sally Adee | 01 April 2013 | New Scientist issue 2910

Human intelligence varies astonishingly. Why didn’t evolution make us all geniuses, and why do even those with high IQ act like fools?

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Rational financial decision making

We don’t make rational decisions, and that’s especially bad for us when it comes to our financial health.  The article below, from Benefits Canada, explores this:

Keeping feelings out of financial decision-making

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Why Do People Behave Nicely?

“…the field has been out of balance in pursuing errors and biases, and because of that we don’t know as much about either the good or the bad behavior as we should…”  But bad behaviour is so much more interesting! Luckily, this article describes plenty of it. From Discover Magazine:

Why Do People Behave Nicely?


No one may ever know unless social psychologists shake off their fascination with jerks

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