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The Bugs in Our Mindware

A must read. (Read the original to get the benefit of the pictures.)

The Bugs in Our Mindware

Many obstacles lie on the path to rational thought.

Richard E. Nisbett | January 28, 2016 | Nautilus
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Marketing meets psychology

Marketing will make use of every trick in the book to screw with your head…. Scary.  From The Economist:

Nothing more than feelings

Admen have made a marketing guru of Daniel Kahneman, a prizewinning psychologist

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The Price of Happiness

After you have a certain amount, having more money doesn’t necessarily make you happier. Having more than your neighbour, on the other hand, does.
From Time magazine, Monday, Sep. 06, 2010:

Do We Need $75,000 a Year to Be Happy?

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Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

…or why people are irrational.  A must read. From the University of Toronto magazine:

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things

By Kurt Kleiner | Feature, Summer 2009

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The Science of Economic Bubbles and Busts

From Scientific American Magazine , June 22, 2009:

The Science of Economic Bubbles and Busts

The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression has prompted a reassessment of how financial markets work and how people make decisions about money

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Obama’s “change”: behavioural economics

How Obama was (and is) using behavioural economics.  Methinks the subject is fit for an appendix to Machiavelli. 🙂
Thursday, Apr. 02, 2009

How Obama Is Using the Science of Change

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