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“The of and to. A in is I. That it, for you, was with on. As have … but be they.”

If you have 20 minutes, this is worth watching.  It just keeps getting more and more fascinating.

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The music in you

What struck me as interesting in this article by Ms. Margulis is how the human mind learns using statistical probabilities.  That, and how we learn to appreciate different tonal systems based on what we hear when we are young.  Worth reading.

The music in you

You might not be a virtuoso, but you have remarkable music abilities. You just don’t know about them yet

by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis | aeon magazine | Jan 8, 2015

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You are what you say

I’d  better watch what I say…. 🙂

From Scientific American Mind, August 19, 2009:

What Your Choice of Words Says about Your Personality

A language analysis program reveals personality, mental health and intent by counting and categorizing words

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