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Why do we smile?

An evolutionary explanation of why we laugh and smile and cry the way we do.  Seems very convincing and eye-opening. Make sure you get to the last paragraph.

From the excellent aeon magazine:

The first smile

Why do laughter, smiles and tears look so similar? Perhaps because they all evolved from a single root

by 13 August 2014 | aeon magazine

Michael Graziano is a neuroscientist, novelist and composer. He is a professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. His latest book is Consciousness and the Social Brain.

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How Humor Makes You Friendlier, Sexier

Scientific American Mind –  March 25, 2009

How Humor Makes You Friendlier, Sexier

Seeing the bright side of life may strengthen the psyche, ease pain and tighten social bonds

By Steve Ayan

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Laugh away stress

Article from Nature:

How to laugh away stress

Just thinking about laughing makes you feel better.

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