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Draw it to remember it

Good trick to know.

Here’s the Memory Trick That Science Says Works — You draw it

Jeffrey Kluger | April 22, 2016

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When Trick Questions Become False Memories

Underlines how our memories can be false even when they don’t feel that way.  From Discovery Magazine‘s website:

When Trick Questions Become False Memories

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Clenching fists ‘can improve memory’

Just in time for exams: 90-second clench of right fist helps you remember, left fist recall. From BBC News:

Clenching fists ‘can improve memory’

By Helen Briggs, BBC News

Clenching the fist temporarily changes brain function

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How to Instill False Memories

It’s important to realize that your memory is faulty even though it doesn’t feel that way.  Here is an article from Scientific American Mind that illustrates this very well:

How to Instill False Memories

By Steven Ross Pomeroy | February 19, 2013 | 

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How Much of Your Memory Is True?

As it turns out, you can’t always tell — just confirms how much you cannot trust your memories.

From the August 3, 2009 edition of Discover Magazine:

How Much of Your Memory Is True?

New research shows that memories are constantly being re-written by our minds.

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Sleep loss produces false memories

It seems false memories are formed at the time of recall, which has interesting potential consequences for using sleep deprivation as an interrogation technique.

And chalk one up for coffee for the sleep deprived.

Sleep loss produces false memories

But caffeine helps to boost accurate recall

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Practical advice on how to remember better

More on better memory from the same issue of Wired — some practical advice (excerpts only):


Get Smarter: 12 Hacks That Will Amp Up Your Brainpower

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How to remember better

From Wired magazine:

The Memory Master: Want to Remember Everything You’ll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm

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Games improve mental performance

I’d better start playing those memory games.

Do games improve mental performance?

Memory workouts shown to sharpen abstract reasoning skills.
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