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Your Musical Tastes Reflect Your Thinking Style

Worth reading the comments at the original site of the article.

Your Musical Tastes Reflect Your Thinking Style

By Andy Berger | July 24, 2015 | Discover magazine

Are you good at putting yourself in someone else’s shoes? Then there’s a good chance that you enjoy R&B. If, instead, you are drawn to take things apart to understand how they work, you likely prefer punk music.

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The best music to listen to for optimal productivity, according to science

Go to the article link for some sample music.

The best music to listen to for optimal productivity, according to science

Rachel Gillett | Jul. 24, 2015 | Business Insider

Music doesn’t have to add to your list of distractions.

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The music in you

What struck me as interesting in this article by Ms. Margulis is how the human mind learns using statistical probabilities.  That, and how we learn to appreciate different tonal systems based on what we hear when we are young.  Worth reading.

The music in you

You might not be a virtuoso, but you have remarkable music abilities. You just don’t know about them yet

by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis | aeon magazine | Jan 8, 2015

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Manipulating your mind with music

Scary — as we are getting better at quantifying the cognitive ramifications of unpacked melodic compounds, we are giving to business better tools with which to manipulate us (see my previous blog on how music can spur you to spend more).

Music Changes the Way You Think

Different music encourages different frames of mind

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Music to make you spend more

They find every way possible to influence you to spend more… From the The Economist, Aug 23rd 2014:

Beware of Beethoven:What you hear affects what you buy online

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What is music?

Fascinating read on how our brains deal with repetition.  Make sure you go to the article site to experience the audio clips.

One more time

Why do we listen to our favourite music over and over again? Because repeated sounds work magic in our brains

by Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis | 7 March 2014 | Aeon Magazine

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Why Your Brain Craves Music

Brain scans suggests that it has to do with our pattern recognition and predicting ability. And it’s also good for depression.  From TIme magazine, April 15, 2013:

Why Your Brain Craves Music

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