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Swearing to reduce pain

It’s already well known that swearing reduces the amount of pain you feel, but so far we did not know why.  It turns out it has to do with aggression, hence playing a shoot’em-up video game works just as well. If you want to read more about how that works, check out Emma Byrne’s book  Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language.

You can find an illuminating excerpt here:

The Science of Why Swearing Physically Reduces Pain

Emma Byrne | 01.24.18 | Wired


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Why do we swear?

It seems swearing reduces pain, so go ahead and let it loose when you hammer your finger instead of the nail.  But beware — the more you use them, the less potent those swearwords become!

From Scientific American News –  July 12, 2009:

Why the #$%! Do We Swear? For Pain Relief

Dropping the F-bomb or other expletives may not only be an expression of agony, but also a means to alleviate it

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