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How Political Candidates Know If You’re Neurotic

Just like advertising, politics is becoming more targeted to the individual: exploiting all your traits and weaknesses to get you to buy into their product/candidate. It’s a scary direction. (Make sure to watch the video on the source page)

How Political Candidates Know If You’re Neurotic

The latest data-driven campaign pitches target you based on your personality, not just your demographics. But does such profiling work?

David Talbot  | April 15, 2016 | MIT Technology Review

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You are what you say

I’d  better watch what I say…. 🙂

From Scientific American Mind, August 19, 2009:

What Your Choice of Words Says about Your Personality

A language analysis program reveals personality, mental health and intent by counting and categorizing words

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Delay gratification to succeed

The better you are at delaying gratification, the more successful you are. And it looks like you may be able to learn it.

From the New Yorker:


The secret of self-control.

by Jonah Lehrer

May 18, 2009

Children who are able to pass the marshmallow test enjoy greater success as adults.

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