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Why a man’s face can lie but still produce orgasms

Interesting research reported: the wider a man’s face, the more aggressive and the more likely to lie and cheat.  Doesn’t apply to women.  But a good-looking man will produce more orgasms in women.  From The Economist, July 9th, 2011:

Physiognomy: Facing the truth

Why a man’s face can lie but still produce orgasms


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Your aggressiveness is in your face…

… if you’re a male, that is.  The theory is that the wider your face relative to its height, the more aggressive you are.  Has to do with your testosterone levels in your teens. From the Economist:


Facing the truth

Aug 21st 2008
From The Economist print edition

The shape of your face betrays how aggressive you are—if you are a man

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Your face tells about your sexual behaviour

It seems your sexual behaviour is present in your face, for all to see. I guess “she looks like a slut” means she is one…

Here for a ring? Or just a fling?

Hot for a one-night stand? Longing for a lifetime of monogamous love? Your romantic intentions may be written all over your face, new research has found

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Boss’ looks determines performance

Hmm… hiring based on your mugshot — can it be far behind? I am waiting from someone to debunk this…

I picked up an old book on phrenology at a garage sale, thinking it was a great joke.  Maybe not?


Physiognomy and success

Face value

Jan 24th 2008
From The Economist print edition

What the boss looks like determines how he performs

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