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How “us” and “them” leads to genocide

Interview with biologist Robert Sapolsky,  (link below), to point out at how the “us” and “them” attitude can lead to problems. IMHO, his book Behave: The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst, is a must-read eye-opener.

The Biology of the Modern Political Divide

Robert Sapolsky reveals the biological basis for our most unfortunate traits—and insists change is possible.



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Chronic stress kills

So it’s not stress itself that hastens your body’s deterioration, but chronic stress — the kind of stress that comes from lack of control (whether it be from low social standing or menial job with bad boss).  Which brings me back to the idea that religion is meant to be a  reliever of chronic stress mainly because it adds partial control (as in praying to change whatever you cannot change yourself).  A vaccine against chronic stress might be much nicer and would help those poor atheists too. 🙂 Until that happens, there is a bunch of things you can do to relieve stress — check out the list at the end of the article.  (It does not mention praying.)

Anyway, here is the article from the August 2010 Wired magazine:

Under Pressure: The Search for a Stress Vaccine

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