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Junk food is addictive

“… extremely sweet or fatty foods captivate the brain’s reward circuit in much the same way that cocaine and gambling do…”

A must-read for the sake of your own health.

How Sugar and Fat Trick the Brain into Wanting More Food

Junk foods can muddle the brain’s satiety-control mechanism, sending our appetites into hyperdrive

Ferris Jabr | January 1, 2016 | Scientific American

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How to curb hunger pangs with your mind

Try focusing on enjoying your food while you are eating it, and then remember the experience before you start eating something else.  No guarantees, but preliminary studies show it works. From BBC Future:

How to curb hunger pangs with your mind

David Robson | 22 January 2015 | BBC Future
There may be a simple way to lose weight using only the power of thought. You just have to know how, says David Robson.

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