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How the Sugar Lobby Skewed Health Research

If you followed the revelations of how the tobacco industry ruins people’s lives in the name of profit, you will not be surprised at what the sugar industry has been (and is) doing. Articles from Time Magazine and Scientific American explain — take your pick.

Sugar Industry Secretly Paid for Favorable Harvard Research

Melissa Bailey | September 13, 2016 | Scientific American

Newly uncovered documents reveal that a sugar industry trade group initiated and paid for the studies, examined drafts and laid out a clear objective to protect sugar’s public reputation 

How the Sugar Lobby Skewed Health Research

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Sugar Addiction is Real

So after you read this, look at the amount of sugar in your kids’ cereal.  I wonder if a couple of decades from now (or sooner?) the companies selling such addictive and harmful fare will be treated like the tobacco companies today are.

Here’s what happens to your brain when you give up sugar for Lent

Jordan Gaines Lewis | February 18 2015 | The Conversation

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Sugar IS addictive

From Discover magazine’s DiscoBlog:

Move Over, Heroin: “Sugar Addiction” May Be a Reality

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Hormones can make it sweeter


From The Economist July 24th, 2008 print edition:

Appetite control

A sweet result

Hormones influence how sensitive taste buds are to sugar

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