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Origin of Superstition

A scientific exploration of superstitious beliefs. From Skeptic Magazine:


The Origin of Superstition, Magical Thinking, and Paranormal Beliefs 
(an integrative model)

Marjaana Lindeman & Kia Aarnio | Skeptic Magazine, Volume 13 Number 1 | Sept 2010

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Will religion ever disappear?

Interesting discussion from BBC.

Will religion ever disappear?

by Rachel Nuwer | 19 December 2014 | BBC Future

Atheism is on the rise around the world, so does that mean spirituality will soon be a thing of the past? Rachel Nuwer discovers that the answer is far from simple.
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Superstition, Ritual And Conspiracies

I believe religion (and superstition etc.) arose to help humans feel more in control in situations where they had none (Why Religion?).  This research by Jennifer A. Whitson and Adam D. Galinsky found that lack of control indeed increases our brains’ ability to see patterns, even when there aren’t any.  So it is all about control (or lack thereof) after all…

The original research article (Lacking Control Increases Illusionary Pattern Perception) abstract:

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