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7 Myths of Terrorism

Excellent article by Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine:

The Seven Myths of Terrorism

Michael Shermer | June 2016 | Skeptic

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Why We Snap: From Road Rage to Barroom Brawls

“…Most violent behavior, Fields discovered, results from a clash between our evolutionary hardwiring and our modern world…”

Watch the video.

Why We Snap: From Road Rage to Barroom Brawls

By Carl Engelking | January 13, 2016 2:03 pm | Discover Blogs

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The Neuroscience of What Makes People Trigger-Happy

Not just violence on TV and in games, but just having a weapon will increase the chances of violence.  Scary.  From Time magazine:

Trayvon Martin: The Neuroscience of What Makes People Trigger-Happy

Our brains are wired to be unreasonable when it comes to perceived threats
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