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Faking images and video

Can you believe your own eyes? It looks like we can’t even rely on that in the future.

Artificial intelligence is going to make it easier than ever to fake images and video

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Technology and Inequality

Eye-opening article from MIT — read it in the original to see the graph.

Technology and Inequality

David Rotman | October 21, 2014 | MIT Technology Review

The disparity between the rich and everyone else is larger than ever in the United States and increasing in much of Europe. Why?

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Swarms key to AI?

Interesting approach to artificial intelligence based on swarming behaviour. From The Economist, Aug 12th 2010:

Riders on a swarm

Mimicking the behaviour of ants, bees and birds started as a poor man’s version of artificial intelligence. It may, though, be the key to the real thing

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AI – using emotions

A robot that makes decisions based on “emotions” in order to save computation time — hmm, sounds like humans! Reference to the OCC psychological model (1988) that was used to define the emotions in terms of objects, actions and events.


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